A B C’S of Time Management

A. Assess Priorities

While not every task is a priority, many of us write our to-do lists as if every
task is equally important. Every morning, mark each task on your list with an
A, B or C to identify the priority level. Complete all As first before moving on
to the Bs to ensure you’re not diverting time and energy away from the
activities that drive your business.

B. Block Your Time

Schedule yourself 60 to 90 minutes to focus only on you’re A-list priorities.
During this time, don’t do anything outside of what you planned. It’s easy to
get pulled away from your priorities to deal with emergencies as they arise.

C. Create Consistency

Consistency is the mother of habit. And habit— specifically good habits—are
vital to success. When you consistently focus on your priorities and block your
time every day, you’ll create a habit of success, helping you get more done
each day.

D. Delegate

Many people feel compelled to take on every task, but when you’re busy
many of the less important, non-revenue generating tasks become the biggest
consumer of your time. Delegate these tasks to an assistant and free up time
to focus on priorities that drive your business.

E. Explain Expectations

As a leader, people will place demands and expectations on your time. If you
want to take control of your day, it’s vital to explain your processes so your
agents and clients can gauge their expectations. Keep them in the loop and
make them aware of your schedule to help them set realistic expectations.

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