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Two decades ago, our story began with a group of individuals that became a team, and soon a team that became a family. With talent, hustle, and grit; success as a title insurance company was the only option. Since our inception, we shared one common goal: provide an unmatched level of service in the title industry.

At Patten Title, we know that our success is highly dependent on working with the best talent in our industry. We are consistently further strengthening our commitment to a team-first workplace and elevating the customer experience. At its core, Patten Title is about its people. Plain and simple. The company culture is what drives its brisk growth and plans for the future, and what sets us apart from other agencies. With members on the team gauging 15+ year tenures, the company’s leadership team prioritize celebrating and nurturing the team members, companywide. It is this synergy that trickles down and effectively nurtures our client relationships. In fact, one of the company’s three uniques is being a True Partner to our clients and part of that is being able to create value by finding solutions to problems or obstacles that slow producers down or might even keep them from closing. Any title agency will tell you it’s growth and profits stem from client relationships and referrals. But it comes down to more than Patten Title’s unique strategies and streamlined platforms. It all comes down to our people, and we put our people FIRST!


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