Making an earnest money deposit can help buyers lock up their dream home. Earnest money deposit deals are also appealing to sellers, making them a valuable tool.

However, making earnest money deposits typically requires prospective buyers to hand-deliver or mail a physical check to their real estate title company. The escrow title company then must process the check and notify the seller that the funds have been received. This makes providing earnest money deposits quite tedious and can delay the real estate transaction from moving forward.

Patten Title has partnered with ZOCCAM to streamline this process. The ZOCCAM mobile app allows involved parties to effortlessly and instantly make an earnest money deposit, thereby increasing the efficiency of the closing process.  

What Is an Earnest Money Deposit?

An earnest money deposit, sometimes known as a “good faith deposit,” is a transfer of funds made to sellers before a real estate transaction is ready to close. These funds are known as “earnest money” because they demonstrate that the prospective buyer sincerely or earnestly intends to proceed with the purchase of the home. While the earnest funds are provided to sellers, they are held by title and escrow companies until the deal proceeds.

Earnest money deposits can incentivize sellers to accept an individual’s offer because they demonstrate that the person is serious about making the purchase and can give a prospective buyer an edge in their offer if the earnest money deposit is significantly higher than other offers. Additionally, an earnest money deposit allows the buyer to prove that they can access the requisite funds needed to purchase a property.

Once a seller accepts a conditional offer from a buyer, they must take th