Between buying presents and traveling during the holiday season, expenses at the end of the year seem to skyrocket.

One way to keep your holiday budget intact is to start at home. How? You can make your house energy efficient with simple tactics like upgrading your tree lights to LED bulbs and using your air fryer for cooking.

At Patten Title, we love to help our partners save money. As you decorate your home for the holidays, you can implement any of our easy tips to help lower your energy bill, so you have more to spend on holiday fun.


Upgrade your bulbs:

Upgrade your tree lights or outdoor decorations to LED bulbs. They last longer and are more energy efficient than regular light bulbs.

Let your tree do the work:

You can turn off lights in a room when your tree is lit, saving electricity in your most-used rooms. (Also, it boosts the holiday ambiance!)

Use a power strip:

Plug multiple electrical decorations (like the train, tree, and wreath) into a power strip. Wall outlets can drain power, even when electronics are turned off.


Dusting isn’t just to keep your house clean for parties. Dust can reduce lighting levels by as much as 50%. When you dust your lighting fixtures regularly, you immediately improve the lighting in your room.

Decorate without electricity:

Mirrors, tinsel, glass, popcorn strings, and other crafts are great ways to add sparkle without lights.

Turn down your thermostat during a party:

When the party is hopping, more people are in your home to help create heat. Set your thermostat as low as you can stand it, then break out those loveable Christmas sweaters.

Familiarize yourself with your chimney:

A fire in your fireplace provides a festive atmosphere and warmth during the winter, but an open damper can drain your heating bill. After extinguishing the fire, close the damper to keep the cool air out.

Turn off big appliances:

It’s easy to want to keep the TV on as background noise for pets when you’re out holiday shopping, but it’s also a drain on your energy bill. Turn off TVs when you leave the house, and plug in your computer and accessories on an electrical strip to turn off the system when you’re away.

Watch the walls during redecorating:

You might be moving around big furniture to find the perfect spot to put the tree. Avoid placing lamps, TV sets, and other heat-generating gadgets near a wall-mounted thermostat. The heat from these appliances may trigger your HVAC system to overwork.

Ask the big guy for a smart home system:

A smart thermostat can save you as little as 8% on your annual heating bill or as much as 23%. Smart thermostats recognize when people are home and moving about and when they’re gone. This helps regulate your home’s climate, even if you forget to adjust the temperature before leaving. Ask Santa for an upgrade.