The Importance of Providing Remote Closing Options | Patten Title Company
March 26th, 2020

The Importance of Providing Remote Closing Options

Real estate closings have come a long way in terms of the options available to buyers and sellers on the closing day. With the advent of secure online technology, it’s easier than ever to conduct wire transfers, sign documents, prepare title insurance, and even discuss details of the closing process without anyone being in the same room. Providing a remote closing service is a powerful way to assist your clients in their time of need — whether that’s an interstate real estate purchase, complicated work schedules, or even a public health crisis.

Title Company Professionalism = Doing the Right Thing and Staying Safe

Patten Title Company values the role we play in the Texas real estate industry. This means that the challenges brought on by COVID-19 will not dissuade us from being a true partner throughout the entire closing process. Whether you’re a real estate agent, buyer, seller, mortgage lender, or anyone in between, our closing agents will take care of you.

Thus, our highest priority is to insulate our customers and team members from unnecessary exposure while continuing on a regular course of business as we transfer ownership from seller to buyer. As part of this commitment, Patten Title Company will pay the standard fees for remote closing costs through the end of May 2020. Please coordinate with your escrow team for your customized needs.

Additionally, Patten Title is offering the following options to consummate the closing process:

Mobile Notary Signings

This service can occur in just about any U.S. location.

Electronic Document Signing

Also known as Docusign, this service is available worldwide for real estate buyers paying cash.

Remote Online Notary Signings

Please note that these sessions are subject to Texas state law requirements. Unfortunately, this can mean that some customers may not meet those terms. You should discuss your specific situation with your escrow team for information.

  • For Buyers: Any lender helping the buyer with the purchase must be registered with the online notary platform to be eligible.
  • For Sellers: This service can be arranged for a seller anywhere in the world.

Our Offices are Open

While we do recommend that people take advantage of our remote closing real estate services, all Patten Title offices are open and operating with minimal staff. Our first goal is to promote safety and efficacy, while the second is to successfully complete your real estate transaction.

We ensure our commitment to these two essential objectives by taking the below steps:

  • First-class electronic filing system for off-site access
  • Superior communication systems for phone calls, e-mail, document sharing, and more
  • Hybrid staff rotations
  • Increased cleanliness and sterilization practices

To learn more about how we’re putting you first during this time, please review our COVID-19 strategy.

Patten Title will always give you the V.I.I.P. service that you deserve — no matter the situation.