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Texas Homestead Exemptions

A homestead exemption reduces taxes by lowering a home’s taxable value. All school districts offer a $25,000 homestead exemption, and some taxing units offer additional optional reductions for the homestead exemption.

New Homestead Exemption Rule

How to Ensure a Smooth Closing

Embarking on the closing process can both be exciting and overwhelming for buyers. There are multiple parties are involved from the buyers & sellers, to the mortgage lender & title company. All of which have different tasks that need to be completed before closing on your new home. Here’s what we recommend to ensure a smooth closing.

Common Misconceptions About Title Insurance

The idea that title insurance is just an unnecessary “added cost” that’s tacked on to a property purchase stops some home buyers from protecting themselves and their investment. The misconceptions about title insurance can have devastating affects on buyers and prevent them from obtaining the coverage they need. As a trusted industry leader in Texas title insurance, Patten Title Company is dispelling the five most commonly expressed myths about title insurance.

2021 Option Fee Contract Updates

The Texas Real Estate Commission have updated a variety of forms that will be required moving forward. One of those changes involved the handling and delivery of the option fee in the contract. Patten Title is fully prepared to implement these changes and are here to help you understand what the changes entail. Here are some FAQs to help you navigate these updates.

Title Endorsements: Understanding Your Options

When the average person hears “endorsement,” we immediately think of someone throwing their wholehearted support behind a person, product, service, or company. But when it comes to the title industry, the word has a much different meaning. A title endorsement is designed to amend your title insurance to the specific needs of the home you’re buying.