It’s Been a While but They’re Finally In!

TEA’s 2022 Central Texas School Ratings!

2020 definitely set us a few curveballs but with the school bells ringing and yellow buses flashing in the mornings, we are finally in a place of normalcy. With that comes stability and rock hard data.

For families thinking to make a move to or within the Central Texas region, this piece is for you. Take a deep dive into school ratings for the region, broken down by County. Find out who ranked what and where the best schools are in town.

While the school semester has already begun, there are still a lot of families making moves mid-year, for a number of reasons. When moving to a new state or even just across it, you’re still setting up a life in the unknown. School systems are already complicated – what age does my child start? What school is in my district? Not to mention the endless supplies and prep that goes into school once they start!

Take out one less complication in the system and be educated on… well… education!

Patten Title’s Guide to TEA’s 2022 School Ratings for Central Texas
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