Should Investors Build New Or Renovate Existing Homes?

Real estate investors are studying the market and debating whether it’s better to renovate or build a new home. While the numbers in specific real estate markets will differ, the overarching trend saw home prices stall in the second half of 2018. After sellers enjoyed several months of high home prices due to an inventory shortage, buyers are now a bit more reluctant to purchase, pushing sellers to keep prices lower than 18 to 24-months-ago.

7 Qualities Of A Great Tenant

Being a good real estate investor doesn’t mean those skills translate into being a good landlord. If you want to choose the best tenants for your property, there are specific characteristics to look for throughout the interview process.

How To Add Value To Rental Properties (On A Tight Budget)

In order to make a profit as a real estate investor, you must manage your expenses and increase cash flow. It’s not a complicated theory, but making just a few bad financial moves can make it difficult to get your portfolio back into the black. One of the best ways to increase monthly rental income is to add value to your rental properties.

Why Cheap Properties Are Worth The Investment

For the investor who specifically chooses properties based on the fact you can throw on a layer of fresh paint and lay new carpet for a quick sale, there’s another way to win at real estate investing. For the investors who are willing to take on the properties with broken windows, overgrown landscaping, and an odor that indicates several animals lived in the property, you know the reward that comes from investing in cheap properties.


When Is The Best Time To Invest In Real Estate?

As with any method of investing, real estate investing comes with risks. While the answers may not always be in black and white when it comes to taking a chance on a particular property, it’s smart to ask questions before jumping into a deal. One of the most commonly asked beginner real estate investor questions is, “When is a good time to invest in real estate?”

While some investors will shout out an exuberant, “Anytime!” that’s not actually the case. While real estate markets across the country have their own flow, nationally, the numbers are quite clear and consistent. Some fluctuation is expected as the economy shifts, but for the most part, America sees the most real estate activity in the spring months.

Texas Title Insurance Basic Premium Rates Change Sept. 1

Title insurance for your Texas property is one of the most important investments to make in acquiring a new home. You have the option to work with any title agent you want. While your real estate agent or lender may make recommendations, you can research and choose your own agent.