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Our 7-Step Seller’s Guide to Real Estate Closing

So, you’ve decided to sell your house. This is probably an emotional time for you, especially if you’ve built up really powerful memories over the years in the home. You also want the smoothest possible real estate closing process. It would be nice if all your needs as the seller are met while also ensuring the buyer takes ownership of the house without any complications.

Our 9-Step Buyer’s Guide to Real Estate Closing

The first-time homebuyer experiences a whirlwind of emotions. From the decision to buy a house and the chase to find the right one to the disappointment when you get outbid on one and the joy of locating the home of your dreams, you’re on an absolute roller coaster. And that’s the fun part! Because when it comes time to actually take ownership of your new house, the real estate closing is both the most important and the most misunderstood part of the home buying process.

Do You Need Title Lock Insurance After Buying a Home?

If you’ve watched nighttime cable news programming in the past few years, you’ve probably seen commercials from companies offering protection from real estate property fraud. Known generally as “title lock insurance,” this product claims to protect your property from both title fraud and the resulting financial losses.

Hustle, Grit, & Determination: Exploring Top Title Company Jobs

If you’ve had any experience with real estate, you’ve worked with someone in the title insurance industry. However, until you peek behind the curtain of what all of the various title company jobs really do, you might not understand everything that goes into ensuring a profitable real estate transaction for both the buyer and seller.

The Importance of Providing Remote Closing Options

Real estate closings have come a long way in terms of the options available to buyers and sellers on the closing day. With the advent of secure online technology, it’s easier than ever to conduct wire transfers, sign documents, prepare title insurance, and even discuss details of the closing process without anyone being in the same room. Providing a remote closing service is a powerful way to assist your clients in their time of need — whether that’s an interstate real estate purchase, complicated work schedules, or even a public health crisis.

What is Title Insurance & Why are You Buying It?

The home buying process is comprised of several moving parts, but few are as misrepresented and underappreciated as title insurance. In essence, title insurance protects you against anything that could’ve happened in the past regarding the ownership and finances of a property. It identifies, addresses, and corrects any potential title defects that could prevent you from taking ownership of a piece of property.