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How We Can
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At Patten Title Company, we understand the intricacies and nuances of the investor transaction. Whether coordinating a $20K wholesale transaction or a $5M commercial acquisition, we have the knowledge and expertise to safely navigate your property to a successful close.



Our knowledgeable escrow staff can provide the following:

  • Subject to
  • Assignments
  • Double closings
  • Separate closing statements
  • Doc prep service
  • On-site attorney
  • Servicing all Texas counties

Title Calculator

Whether you’re creating a Net Sheet, calculating a Good Faith Estimate, or simply need to calculate title rates and fees, let Patten Title’s intuitive title calculator be your guide.

Texas Real Estate Market Data

Access voluminous amounts of market data on Texas real estate from geographical reports to in depth analysis of areas. Reports are free of charge.

Document Preparation

Attorney owned has its privileges. Patten Title is built for investor business. In order to close all the unique deals investors find, we prepare our documents internally. An internal legal team means that we can handle standard transactions, amendments, and unique situations that arise. Being an investor requires a title company with great flexibility and expertise.

Curative Team

We have a curative team lead by a Junior Attorney. Because we close hundreds of investor transactions each month, they have seen just about everything and they know how to fix it and fix it quickly. We are one of the very few title companies in  Texas with a dedicated curative team. We currently have 5 full time employees on the curative team so you and your clients will get the immediate attention you deserve.


Kacey Gorringe
Kendra Rommel
03 / 05
Kacey Gorringe
“Wow! What a class act! We’ve dealt with some awful title companies and we’ve dealt with good title companies, but this goes above and beyond. I cannot even begin to express how great it has been working with Morgen Day and Patten Law Firm. They continue to exceed our expectations and I HIGHLY recommend them to any and everyone.”
- Ikigai Investments
Kendra Rommel
I just wanted to send you both a quick note to thank you both for working so hard & cooperatively with our Civic team. We were able to pull off a closing because EVERYONE worked hard. I am appreciative of the time you took away from your personal lives on Monday night, to make certain that Rodger & William were able to sign. It’s always the extra mile that gets these deals done! Thank you very much for being GREAT!
- Civic Private Money Lender