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Builder / Developer

How We Can Help

How We Can
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Builder / Developer

From initial land acquisition to unit closing, our team understands the specialized needs of builders and developers. We will work closely with your engineer and other service providers to ensure that information is technically accurate for approval and recording in an expedient manner.


Builder / Developer

Our knowledgeable escrow staff can provide the following:

  • Doc prep service
  • Deed restriction assistance
  • Customized closing service
  • Servicing all Texas counties
  • Dedicated curative team
  • Vast array of builder clients
  • On-site attorney owner with extensive experience in builder market
  • Dirt to close consultancy: construction lender introductions, help with pre-sale program organization

Title Calculator

Whether you’re creating a Net Sheet, calculating a Good Faith Estimate, or simply need to calculate title rates and fees, let Patten Title’s intuitive title calculator be your guide.

Document Preparation

Attorney owned has its privileges. Patten Title is built for investor business. In order to close all the unique deals investors find, we prepare our documents internally. An internal legal team means that we can handle standard transactions, amendments, and unique situations that arise. Being an investor requires a title company with great flexibility and expertise.


Zonability adds efficiency and innovation with its specialty data set focused on real estate development. We use a patented method to standardize zoning and future land use data (“pre-zoning”) for American cities in order to offer our clients a way to gain fresh insights.


We are one of just a few title companies in Texas with a dedicated curative team – just one more example of the unparalleled service Patten Title Company delivers.


Curtis Reddehase
Liz Chipman
Mark Dimas,
03 / 05
Curtis Reddehase
I just want to share with you that Mark Bean with Patten Title Company is an awesome closer. He went so far above and beyond for our clients that I was truly impressed and pleased. Ask for him, you know I do not say this kind of thing much so you know he is good.
- Sky Realty
Liz Chipman
“Ash Creek Homes has been doing business with Patten Law Firm for over 13 years, and for good reason. Their level of service, excellence and professionalism is unsurpassed. They truly act as an extension of our team, and we hope to work with them for 12 more years!”
- Ash Creek Homes
Mark Dimas,
Love working with the Patten Title team. Great group with integrity, knowledge and a drive for customer satisfaction. - Mark Dimas, Realtor
- Realtor