Navigating the housing market during the holiday season can be ideal for both buyers and sellers. Buyers frequently have less competition and can negotiate better contracts. Sellers in states like Texas can bask in the glory of the seasonal snowbirds looking for a winter home.

But for real estate agents attempting to promote their services or post announcements on social media, it can feel like shouting in a crowded room due to the influx of posts related to gift sales and cookie recipes.

Patten Title offers tools that help real estate agents break through the clutter to court sellers and buyers who hope to close the year with a home sale. Breakthrough Broker and PattApp were developed with agents in mind and can streamline your marketing efforts while also reducing the added stress that comes with the season.


Breakthrough Broker is a free marketing resource tool that can make your social media posts — and entire look — stand out. Patten Title offers Breakthrough Broker to help you build your brand, especially during the holiday season.

We’re also here to help you succeed in a few easy steps.


When promoting your brand on social media during the holidays, experts recommend first checking your year-long stats of when you see the most traffic on your social accounts. This allows you to develop a plan of attack before you start creating the content.

Once you’ve done your research, that’s where Breakthrough Broker steps in to help. The app can assist you in creating your marketing strategy, designing worksheets, and producing and developing all of your content, from open house flyers to social media posts.


Have you tried producing the perfect holiday photos in the past and can’t seem to find the right vibe? Breakthrough Broker is your social media assistant. With holiday-specific templates, you can follow the simple instructions to help create that content without needing a social media manager or a professional photographer.

Now is also the time of year when many customers look for holiday sales, specials, or even hashtag contests for goodies. You can lean on Breakthrough Broker for help.

If this is your first hashtag contest, you can watch a simple tutorial to learn how to make the most out of creating a memorable hashtag that highlights your business, allowing you to reach both your goals and target audience. You can also utilize templates and even direct-mail postcards containing your branding to promote your efforts.


Breakthrough Broker walks you through creating branded, individualized, free materials for your listings. How does this help during the holidays?

You can swap out pictures with the click of a button, highlighting each house and how magical it looks during the winter months. These changes will help attract new buyers who may be tired of looking at homes decked out for the fall.

With MLS integration and specific branding, each piece will be as different as the sellers themselves.


The holiday season also signals the end of the quarter and fiscal year for many businesses. When you use Breakthrough Broker in conjunction with PattApp ONE, you can monitor the number-crunching side of the business in one place.

PattApp ONE calculates essential costs and profits depending on your client. Sellers can see net sheets, offer comparisons, refinance calculations, and more with the touch of a button. Using the same convenient app, you can show buyers their total monthly payments and closing costs as well as comparisons for renting vs. buying and their monthly affordability options.

PattApp ONE takes away the estimating and provides value to buyers and sellers while saving time for agents and their staff. You can also show potential buyers hot spots in the area, like the best places for holiday shopping, grocery stores for last-minute supplies, and the best restaurants.

PattApp ONE also adds a social component, allowing you to connect with your social media platforms. When you utilize both PattApp ONE and Breakthrough Broker this holiday season, you’ll see a clear online presentation that will help your social media twinkle.


If you’re still looking for more ideas to make your social media presence as big as your holiday spirit this season, consider one of these five ideas.

Ask a question as simple as “Eggnog vs. Coffee” or a favorite kind of Christmas cookie, then encourage your audience to vote using emojis. Emoji voting is excellent for multiple platforms and drives your engagement rating.